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Light as a service is a service based monthly payment business model rather than a traditional up front payment. Customers pay a monthly fee (usually less than the monthly energy saving costs) to lease the lighting equipment from a 3rd party supplier like Digital Lighting Solutions (DLS). DLS then take care of all the installation and maintenance within the price of the subscription. This gives the customer a positive cash flow position, a fix monthly fee over a term to suit them all whilst upgrading the lighting installation. Best of all there's no maintenance to worry about, as your leasing your lights if they are to develop a fault we fix it....for free!


Light Fixtures Installation and Repair in Leicestershire

At Digital Lighting Solutions, we work across Leicestershire and beyond to provide lighting installation and maintenance repair as part of our finance option that is designed for convenience and peace of mind. 

Included in our LAAS service is ongoing maintenance and repair support. Thanks to our expertise and experience in lighting and installation working with lighting systems of many shapes and sizes, we can take care of a range of different problems you may encounter. With our Light as a Service, you’ll get maintenance cover for up to 7 years. As well as ongoing maintenance when you choose us, you’ll also receive full handover and training on control systems so that you’re ready to go. 

If your lighting system develops a fault, we’ll be there to fix it efficiently, effectively, and without charge

We’re a friendly team of lighting specialists, which is why we will carry out our installation and repair services at a time that suits you. We understand how frustrating any disruption to your business can be, so we’ve designed flexible services that can take place overnight, or at weekends.

Get Started

Get in touch with our friendly team of lighting installation and maintenance specialists to enquire about our lighting installation and maintenance services, or to get professional advice from our experts. 

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