Design - Finance - Supply - Install - Maintain

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of low energy lighting by taking away the usual high level of up front Capex involved with a project upgrade. We do this via our Lighting as a Service (LaaS) business model. A new way of lowering carbon emissions and saving cash, where we lease you lighting fixtures whilst taking care of all the installation and maintenance. We offer tailored finance solutions through registered lenders which means Zero capex and as our lease payments are less than your savings we put cash back on your balance sheet.  

Save Energy - Save Cash - Reduce Co2


Leicestershire's Favourite LED Lighting Designers & Consultants

We’re a dedicated team of LED lighting specialist designers and consultants who help customers across Leicestershire and beyond switch to more energy-efficient, flexible lighting solutions that have a longer lifespan and help businesses save costs and become more efficient.


Our team has a wealth of experience designing, auditing, and installing new light solutions for customers of many different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s for schools, businesses or large-scale development projects, we provide high-quality LED lighting in Leicestershire and its surrounding areas.

Our Process

We pride ourselves on a straightforward and stress-free process for all customers across Leicestershire:

Digital LED Lighting Design

As part of our easy customer process, we take care of energy auditing and lighting design using rendered images and heat maps to not only create the most suitable options for your unique specifications and requirements, but to show you exactly how we can improve your lighting, comfort, and reduce energy usage.

LED Lighting Finance

Our finance options help customers pay monthly for our lighting solutions and lease lighting equipment from our trusted suppliers, as well as getting inclusive installation and maintenance on a subscription-based plan.

LED Lighting Supply

We provide a comprehensive supply of lighting, light fixtures and controls from a range of trusted, and reputable manufacturers across Europe - depending on your specifications.

LED Lighting Installation

We are a team of highly experienced lighting installers who carry out time-efficient, reliable lighting installation and complete turnkey project management as part of our inclusive services in Leicestershire, to make the project seamless and effortless for you.

LED Lighting Maintenance

As part of our comprehensive lighting services in Leicestershire, we can take care of maintenance and offer ongoing support for you and your business. As experts in LED lighting for warehouses, factories and businesses across Leicestershire, we provide high-quality maintenance for all customers as part of our Light as a Service agreement.